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    • juju08
      , il y a 591 jours
      tu peut voter stp !!!! merci !!!!! : des du dérangement !!! http://www.cadeaux-one-direction.com/juju08.html
    • SheilahBailard
      , il y a 667 jours
      Today the world is very very bad, Terry Brival is part of those who recovers, he will never be forgotten. I'm a fan of everything he has already made musically and in the associations , his silence is so mysterious. Finally, I hope he has not totally disappeared from the face of the Earth. He should return because it is highly anticipated.
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    • FellaPink
      , il y a 667 jours
      Au Bilan: Terry Brival est Immortel et ça fait toujours quelque chose d'entendre sa voix ! Il a su s'imposer dans un style qui n'était pas le sien , je souligne .. Il y aura toujours du monde pour lui dire qu'il est bourré de Talent , Ya qu'a voir le nombre de fans et d'artistes à travers le monde qui le soutiennent chaque jour , alors les mauvaises langues , ne soyez pas trop jaloux
    • AvelinaBranham
      , il y a 667 jours
      I have a pure heart as clear as the blue delicacy made and wise but in this heart there Terry Brival , Large, beautiful immortal love always done. And also happiness to be near me friends, my children which fill me with excitement by all their beautiful compliments they make me this honor and for me it is enough what a lover when such a chance.
    • TarraCohen
      , il y a 667 jours
      Radiant in a bitter landscape Image of Zeus on earth Your eyes are mesmerizing In my eyes the most beautiful man in the universe Do not you recognize your beauty prosperous Born in Martinique surrounded by sea Admire his sincere smile fulfilled man Star of my life Angel of my nights You are the sun that guides my heart There has passion into my flower
    • IlarioCruz
      , il y a 667 jours
      MOI J'AIME TOUT !!!
    • melisha
      , il y a 681 jours
      Salut !
    • Creampuff
      , il y a 684 jours
      J'aime pas tes chansons c dla merde